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Formentera Villas

Renting a luxury villa in Formentera has never been easier. Decode Formentera offers a full range of services to go with your Formentera villa rental, making sure you fully enjoy what the island has to offer.

Apart from villa rentals, Decode Formentera, is the number one Property Management company on the island. We specialize in the upkeep and rentals of only the very best properties on the island.

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About Us

We are your local Formentera Luxury Villa Rental Experts, based on the island all year round. Dedicated to offering only the best Formentera has to offer.

Concierge Service Formentera


When renting your luxury villa on Formentera with us, we can make sure that your every request is taken care of. Our insiders knowledge and connections on the island are unique, and ready for you to enhance your holiday stay on Formentera.

Villa Rentals

At Decode Formentera we manage most of the villas that we rent. With our extensive background in real estate, luxury accommodation and construction we can offer you absolute peace of mind and leave your precious Formentera holidays in our hands. We pride ourselves on having the most exclusive portfolio of luxury properties for rent in Formentera. Have a look at our Formentera Villas or contact us for more information.

Property Management

If you own a villa in Formentera you must be aware how important it is to have a professional team of people looking after your property when you rent. This is were Decode Formentera comes at hand, as the number one house management company for the most beautiful villas on the island. We can take full care of your home and literally have no limits when it comes to what we can offer. Contact us in order to learn more about our property management.

house & property management in formentera

Formentera Property Management

The most Experienced & Professional House Management & Rental Company on the Island of Formentera

why use Decode Formentera

Why Rent with us?

  • Selection of most Beautiful Villas
  • Unlimited Concierge Service
  • Assistance on Arrival & Departure
  • Unique Island Guide & Insiders Information
  • Daily Cleaning & Luxury Bathroom Amenities
  • Premium Welcome Pack

Rent your Luxury Villa in Formentera

At Decode Formentera we are always looking for ways to improve your stay on Formentera and the quality of our exclusive services. We pride ourselves in having the most complete and unique portfolio of luxury villas to rent in the island, all of which are either directly managed by us or in collaboration with the property owners. We personally know the villas inside and out and are always in close contact with the villa owners as to make sure that together we keep the property and its features in top condition. This is how we can guarantee that the villa you rent with Decode is always of premium quality.

All guests that rent a villa in Formentera with Decode get access to our exclusive package of services that include Wellness in the comfort of your own home, our exclusive Yacht Charter offer, and most importantly our full assistance during your stay of any requirements you might have no matter how difficult or precise it might seem.

The selection of luxury properties to rent you can find on this page is just a selection of our entire portfolio of villa rental properties on the island, therefore please do feel free to contact us with your enquiry and we will be happy to assist you with any further information or reservations.

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Pilates in Formentera

Formentera Pilates

Practice Pilates in your Formentera Villa

Formentera Concierge

With complete access to our Concierge service, our team of island experts can make your holiday a truly amazing experience not only by taking care of all your bookings but by giving you access to our exclusive services like a Private Chef as well as our carefully selected Welness services at the comfort of your home.
No request is too much for us, from start to finish we can make you really enjoy the Formentera way of life.

Private Chef Cook in Formentera

Private Chef Formentera

Have our private chef prepare dinner in your villa

Boat Hire

One of the best ways to experience Formentera is by boat with one of our day-charters. We can arrange days or weeks on high quality boats of all sizes and shapes. All our yachts are fully licensed and insured in order to guarantee quality and top service at all times.

Experience Formentera from the water by yacht
Private Yacht Charter Formentera

Princess V55

Formentera Boats

Yachts Formentera

Ferretti 53

Formentera Boats

Hunton Boat Hire Formentera

Hunton Formentera

Formentera Charters

Yacht Charter

Cranchi 41

Formentera Boats

Rent your boat in Formentera with Decode

Being a local Luxury Expert we have all the necessary contacts of boat owners and partner charter companies in order to always find the best solution for your yacht charter in Formentera. From smaller boats to rent and spend the day with one or two friends to luxury yachts of 40 feet and above, which are great to enjoy the island in style. Decode Formentera only deals with licensed and official charter companies and owners making sure that the quality of the boats is always premium and that the service delivered is up to standards.

The above shown luxury charters are only part of our selection of boat rentals, please feel free to contact us should you wish to inquire on a day charter in Formentera.

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Private transfer service on the island


Arriving at your holiday home, made easy with our dedicated and private ways of car and boat transfers, from IBZ airport all the way to your holiday home.

We will arrange for a private driver to accompany you to the harbour where you can take either a ferry or private boat. We will be waiting for you at the Formentera harbour to take you to your villa.

Bicycle riding in Formentera

Restaurants & Bars

Our professional and reliable Concierge Service is here to make your stay that extra bit more comfortable. When renting your luxury villa with us, you will have access to our Reservations desk that will assist you in planning your lunches and dinners throughout your stay on this magical island.

We are constantly looking out for the best places to wine & dine, feel free to contact us to discover more.

es vedra near formentera

Private Chef

A great way to enjoy your beautiful Villa in Formentera is to have a night in with the family & friends with one of our great Chefs preparing and serving you dinner. All at the comfort of your holiday home, no need to go out for anything when our team takes complete care of you, from the menu, the groceries to the cooking and serving. An experience not to miss out on! Contact us to book your personal cook in advance as they are extremely popular!

home chef formentera

Location Manager


We know Formentera inside out. We can assist you in getting the best locations for your photo-shoot. Places that others mights not know about!


Apart from the actual shooting we will arrange for the entire process to be organized and legalized 100%

concierge services when on holidays


Rent a villa in Formentera with Decode Formentera and we can arrange for qualified, kind and trustworthy babysitters to look after your children during your stay, whatever time of day you might need one.

formentera concierge to make your wishes come true


Formentera is a very safe island however sometimes you might feel you need that extra bit of security, especialy when renting a large property. Just to make sure you are covered we have the contacts for full 24-hour security or guardians to look after your property whilst away.

security for your luxury villa

Extra Personnel

Most luxury villas for rent on the island have a daily cleaning service included, however whether it is an extra cleaning lady, someone that can do your laundry, cook, serve, or entertain, we can assist you in finding that person. Formentera is a very small island however we have the necessary contact inorder to make your every wish come true!

  • formentera yoga with Luxury villa rentals
  • formentera yoga with Decode

Formentera Wellness at home

Why go to a Spa when you can have the Spa come to you? At Decode Formentera we always strive to make things easier and more comfortable for you. That is why we offer a professional Wellness service at the comfort of your home.

All our services are offered by highly trained professionals and all practices and products used are of top quality, in line with our Luxury Villa Rentals.

formentera relax at your home


Formentera is truly a great place to practice Yoga. Apart from the beautiful surroundings and many magical spots to practice yoga, the island has a magical vibe throughout that goes very much in tune with the spirituality that is yoga.

Our Yoga instructors are hand-picked and only the very best and most professional get through to our selection.

formentera yoga at your luxury villa


What better way to completely relax, than to have a massage in your villa. Our professional and qualified massage therapists can come to your villa saving you precious holiday time, and come fully equipped with foldable beds and top quality products.

Massages are extremely popular, therefore we recommend that you reserve one with us as soon as you can!

private massage in holiday villa


Rent your villa with Decode Formentera and get access to our highly trained and professional Pilates instructors. Whether you are a beginner or advanced we have the right person for you. Our intructors are fully equipped including a fully transportable Reformer so that you can turn your own Luxury Villa into a Pilates Studio!

Personal Trainer with Kettlebells Formentera

Personal Trainer

Formentera is quickly becoming a gastronomic hub for foodies and there might be temptations so why not hire one of our professional personal trainers to make sure that you keep in shape. So you can focus on having that full-on lunch on the beach knowing that you had to work for it in the morning.

Our trainers have various programs for you, please contact us for more information and reservations.

Relax at the comfort of your Formentera Villa

Manicure & Pedicure

When staying for longer periods of time on the island we want to make sure that your hand and feet do not suffer the strain of going to the beach every day. It is very important to keep your hands and feet treated which is why Decode now offers Manicures and Pedicures at the comfort of your holiday home.

Make sure you are always in shape and ready for a glamorous sunset aperitif with our Wellness at Home.

formentera manicure and pedicure at home

Facial Treatments

The burning Sun, the salt water and most of the times also the chlorin in the swimming pool can affect your skin, which is why we now also offer facial and body treatments as part of our Wellness at Home package. All in the comfort of your Luxury Villa in Formentera.

All services are exclusive to Decode Formentera Villa Rentals and private home owners.

Decode Formentera Villa Rental team


Decode Formentera was created in order to provide a professional and dedicated service to home owners and visitors to the island looking to rent a villa on Formentera.

We cater to the most demanding of clientele and pride ourselves in our sense of dedication towards perfection, not limiting ourselves to anything when you rent a villa. We are your number one contact and person of trust on Formentera.

Decode Formentera Property Rentals
Rent a Villa with
Decode Formentera


We are based and live on the island of Formentera, all year & every year. We make sure that every single thing is looked after and that we always stay in touch with the environment we work in.

We specialize in luxury villas to rent, only on Formentera. Once you have decided which villa to rent it is very important to have a reliable group of people looking after you and able to assist you with any matter that might arise during your holiday.

The Office

Come and visit us in our Formentera Office to learn about what we can offer. Whether you have a home that you would like us to manage while you are not here or if you are looking for a holiday rental or your next holiday on the island of Formentera. Our doors are open from Monday to Friday from 09.00 AM until 2.00 PM, and any time outside opening hours by appointment. So feel free to come by for a cup of coffee or perhaps something stronger!

Unique luxury villa near Cala Saona

Formentera Based

Feel free to visit us in our office in Sant Francesc to discuss your Formentera Villa to Rent or Property Management needs

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Phone: +37799907572

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