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picture of Sant Francesc de Formentera by Decode

Sant Francesc Xavier - Formentera

The capital town of the island is also probably the most refined of them all. Here you will find a lot of cute and original boutique stores that all sell very original items. You will not find any of the big brands on the island in terms of shops which we believe makes this capital town so special.

As the shops also the restaurants and bars have a ton of character and on each corner you will be able to find a different and unique place to eat or drink. During siesta hours it can become a bit quiet however usually during the cooler evening hours this town really livens up and everybody comes to either eat, drink or shop here until very late at night.

There are several options for accommodation near the capital, and most find it to be very comfortable to stay in this region of the island. Most villas for rent near Sant Francesc, that we offer for rent, are of very high standard.

Formentera map of Llevant beach