press information on the island of Formentera

Looking for a reliable and professional source of information for your article or press release?

Anyone looking to write up an article on information about the island of Formentera, or anyone that is looking to visit Formentera to learn more about it in order to be able to then write a press release or article, is always welcome to contact us for more information. We always look for ways to better market and represent this beautiful island and we do so by offering our services to better do so. We are able to show you the real Formentera, the Formentera that our guests in our rental villas understand. In line with many locals we are aiming towards an understanding tourist that respects the values of the island and understands that the beauty is a fragile balance that needs to be taken care of. By being on the island throughout the entire year, both in season and post-season we are the perfect source for your informational article or press release on the island.

We know that finding the right information on the island of Formentera can be quite a challenge, especially if you have not been here yet. This is why we offer our knowledge and expertise to any freelancer or company that requires that vital information for their article or press release. Feel free to contact us should you wish to learn more.

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