Las Cabecitas Villa Formentera

Rent Luxury Villas in Formentera

Formentera is quickly becoming a very popular destination for the more concerned traveller. Over the last few years owners of luxury properties on the island have seen the opportunity to cover the expenses of having a home on the island, by renting during periods that are not occupied by the owner or family. We have also however seen an increase in demand for more luxury villas for rent on Formentera, which is where we at Decode Formentera come in and can help you find the right option when looking to rent a villa.

Decode Formentera only takes on the very best of luxury villas and guarantees an excellent service to come with your villa rental. Every year more owners convert their holiday home in a villa that can be enjoyed by their guests during the summer season, and enjoy the magic that this island has to offer.

When looking for your holiday home you should always keep in mind that Formentera is a small island and therefore has some limitations with regards to logistics, material and services. However when you rent with Decode this is hardly ever a problem as we have the most adnvanced and complete logistics in place in order to make your holiday home, and holiday itself, run as smoothly as possible.

For more information on our selection of luxury villas for rent in Formentera click on the link and check out our portfolio. For any information or assistance please feel free to send an email or message with your enquiry!

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