Lighthouses of Formentera Spain

Flower Power 2016 Formentera

Every year the island celebrates the summer with the Flower Power party, held in each town on different dates. They all offer a great opportunity to enjoy an open air party with drinks and live music and DJ. Also for the locals it is something we very much look forward to as it is a short break for everyone as the island of Formentera goes back a couple of years to the flower age where it were just the hippies that got to the island. Everybody dresses up as much as possible to resemble that age and relive those glory years of freedom and extasy. Something that never really has left Formentera as until today this island is for the free spirited even though it might have changed slightly since then.

This event is certainly something not to miss when you are around. It usually starts fairly late at around 11 PM and goes on until the early hours of the morning. Every town on the island usually hosts one of the events in the summer so if you are staying for a few weeks you might just get lucky enough to be able to join one during your holiday on Formentera.

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